If you are looking for a hobby that is good for the Earth, good for you, and fun for you whole family you should consider starting a wormery. If you’ve tried other ‘pets’ in the past and not had good luck this is for you. Red Wigglers are very low maintenance and very low cost. You can set up a wormery with everything you need including the worms for less then $20.

Red Wigglers are the best breed of worm for a home wormery. All you need to do is drill some holes in a medium/large bin (for air holes) and fill it with moist news paper strips (they should be as wet as a wrung out sponge). Fill the bin 2/3 of the way with this crumpled wet newspaper. Then add your worms which you can buy online. They’ll also need a small scoop of dirt from your yard which they’ll use to help digest their food. They will eat half of their body weight in organic table scraps per day. There are about 1000 Red Wiggles in 1 pound. So for each pound of Red Wigglers in your bin you’ll need to add 1/2 pound of food per day.

Having a wormery is great for the environment. Instead of throwing away all your table scraps your worms will eat them. This will at the very least mean less weight on the garbage truck and less gas burned. Also the worm castings (what comes out the back-end of the worm) make excellent fertilizer. The combination of those castings and the newspaper they don’t eat after about three months will make the best compost you’ll ever have. Put it on the potted plants, your flowers, or your backyard garden and watch you plants take off! And since you are using organic compost in your backyard garden it’s much more health for you.

The best part for me in having a wormery in my basement is the enjoyment for my family. I have two young sons and they loved the whole process. They loved drilling the holes in the bin. They loved ripping up the newspaper and dunking in water. They couldn’t wait for the worms to come in the mail and put them in. And of course they love when Mom gives them the nights scraps to take down and put in the wormery. Also they love grabbing a few to take fishing now and again as well (not to worry when conditions are right your Red Wiggles will reproduce and double in number every 90 days or so).