Worm Bin Experiment Updates

So it’s now been two weeks since i put 1.5 pounds of juicer pulp in my worm bin. It’s a red wiggler worm bin with about 2,000 red wigglers. It’s funny because they had been eating I was just curious how fast they were eating. But since I put in this batch of juicer pulp they really haven’t eaten a bit of it! In two weeks. So either they are ordering out for pizza when I’m not home or they really aren’t eating. I took this picture tonight and just like I’ve been saying for two weeks now, if you compare it to the picture I took on day one, they are the same!

red wigglers habitat week 2

Still looks like day 1 2 weeks later

So I decided to go ahead and lay some paper over the soil surface of the bin (basically right over the food that I poured in two weeks ago. I’m trying this because one of the theories I have about why they aren’t eating is because they don’t have cover. I’ve read a few places that the worms (red wigglers and earthworms) like to have cover over them. It’s more similar to their natural worm habitat, where they would likely have a cover of fallen leaves that they could work under. I’m assuming it helps to keep them protected from predators. So I put some paper junk mail over the surface.

newspaper cover for worm bin

A good use for junk mail, right?

The other experiment I have going right now is a small coffee grinds only (and filters) bin. I got a small container and put our leftover coffee grinds in there for about a week. Then I added about 10 red wigglers to the bin. They dug right in with a minute of me adding the wigglers to the bin so I was pretty sure they were going to like it. It’s been a couple days now though and every time I open the bin to check on them and take a picture the majority of the ten worms are on the lid. At first I wasn’t worried about it and assumed they were just exploring their new surroundings but now I’m starting to wonder if they don’t like the coffee after all. Maybe the pH is no good for them in the coffee? I don’t have a pH meter but maybe I’m going to need to invest in one to see what’s doing.

red wiggler in a coffee only worm bin

Day 2. The worms you see on the surface I tapped back in off the cover