Why Worm Composting?

So I often get the same question from friends when they find out I have a worm bin in my basement…why? Most people wonder if it smells, or if it’s gross in the house. And they ask, what is worm composting anyway?

The answer really easy but can be kind of long winded because there really are multiple reasons for worm composting in your house. When I first set up a worm bin it was because I wanted to make some fertilizer for my vegetable garden. It really is the easiest way to make some organic fertilizer for vegetable plants or flowers. It is all natural, tends to worm better then store bought chemical based fertilizers, and you can’t over fertilize with it and burn out the plant!

Another big reason to do worm composting in your house is to be green. This is another reason that fits me perfectly. I’m letting my worms eat food scrapes that were just going to be thrown out anyway. So that’s a little less that I throw away and the garbage man has to take away. So a bit less gas (diesel) that the waste company burns. If we all did it, that little bit could really add up! Not to mention if you are using the fertilizer and have a vegetable garden then you are growing your own organic food at home. Better food, and less gas burned driving to the market! Green, green, green.

Another big reason for me is that the worms make great fishing bait. Going fishing is a huge pass time for me and my two sons. We typically will stop at a gas station on the way and spend a few bucks on worms. How cool is it that we have our own supply of bait now?! And it’s free! So far I have a bin which I started with 2,000 red wigglers. The red wigglers are great composters, and we’ve has some success using them as bait as well. The trick is that they are kind of small. So they can be tricky to get on a hook, and keep on the hook for that matter. So earlier this week I ordered 250 superworms from Uncle Jim’s. They are more of a European worm. So they are bigger then the red wigglers but not the huge fat ones (Canadian Night Crawlers) that you get at the gas station. That really sounds perfect for us, because the really big ones from the gas station tend to be too big for the fish we are getting anyway, so we usually end up splitting them into 2 or 3 pieces (sorry worms). Uncle Jim also claims that they are really good composters and breeders as well. Kinda sounds like the best of both worlds, they make better bait then red wigglers and still do the composting and breeding. Time will tell how great they are all around. I’m hoping to get them in the mail by early next week and me and my boys will get the bin set up and rolling. The end of the school year is only a week away, and the big time fishing can begin! πŸ™‚