Still Not Much To Report On The Basil Seed Growth in Worm Compost Test

Its been weeks now since I first planted the basil seeds in all three kinds of soil (worm compost, store bought potting soil, and backyard soil). It took at least a week before I saw any growth at all. Then another week until there was growth in all three pots. Now the one seedling that started in the backyard soil died and is gone. There is two in the potting soil, and one in the worm compost. The remaining three seedling don’t seem to be wilting away but they also don’t seem to be growing at all. The pots just look the same day after day basically.

Not much growing in the worm compost

These pictures are starting to all look the same…

I speculated in my last post that the issue might be that I am accidentally over watering them. These pots don’t have any drain holes so whatever water I pour in just stays there until it is used by the seeds or evaporates.

My plan for the time being is still the same. Lets the seeds go and see what happens but I am pretty disappointed. If these three seedlings die though (without any others growing – which seems pretty unlikely at this point) then I’m going to start the soil test over. This time though I’ll use pots with drainage holes. I might need to use smaller pots though because I’ll need to put a dish under the to keep from leaking on the floor and I still need to fit them on my window sill. Either way it’ll still be seeds growing in pots on the window sill in all three kids of soil.

I actually think if I had the pots here right now I’d start up a second test and just run them at the same time. I don’t have them though so for now it’ll wait. Either I’ll drill holes in these pots, or hopefully I’ll find some draining pots on a year end sale somewhere in my travels.

The only other thing I might consider is adding some of the compost tea which drains out of my red wiggler worm bin to all three soils and see how that might speed up the growth. I guess I would just make sure that I put in the exact same amount of compost tea in all three pots.