Red Wiggler Update

It’s been a week or better now since I’ve posted an update on the red wiggler bin but I’ve been very busy updating the worm store so go check it out.

The last post I had just added some tops to beets (and I think I snuck in a banana peel as well). Well it doesn’t appear that they loved the beet tops, but they did eat some of them. Or they kind of rotted away in the last week or so. You can still kind of see them but not very well. It’s almost more like they melted away as opposed to being eaten really. Maybe they didn’t like them actually 🙂

What worms eat and drink

Looks like it's time to feed the worms again!

So the very next time I have some leftovers I will need to get some more food in there again.

I am also about to start a new experiment that I had hoped to do over the summer. But the fall is here and I’m finally getting to it. The good news is I got a good deal on the materials. Nothing better then buying garden supplies in the fall when it comes to getting a good deal 🙂

The start of seed testing in worm compost

Pots and Soil for the worm compost testing

So hopefully this weekend I’m going to fill those three new pots. One is going to be filled with the soil you see in the picture. The next is going to filled with soil from my back yard. The final one is going to filled with the worm compost from my red wiggler bin. I’m going to plant seeds from the same pack in all three pots, and we’ll just see which is the best soil.

I’m fully expecting that the worm compost is going to show the seeds grow faster, stronger, and better, but only time will tell!

The only thing left to decide is what variety of seed to use. I’d like to use something we can eat so that I could comment on taste as well. The trick is this is Fall and therefore I’m going to have to let them grow inside the house near a window for light. Which means I’m not going to get any pollination. So maybe some herbs? Or I suppose maybe some flowers would show the effect of the soil better.

In the end the decision is greatly going to swing on what I can find at the home supply store still on the shelf.