Red Wiggler Facts

Are you looking for some facts about Red Wigglers? Let’s start with what a Red Wiggler is…It’s a breed of worm similar to an Earth Worm like you would usual use for fishing bait. They are a little smaller though and a little more red. They are very popular because many people use them for indoor composting to create fertilizer.

One pound of Red Wiggler is approximately 1,000 worms. That 1,000 worms can each about a half pound of organic table scraps per day. They will eat most anything that is plant based. Everything from apple and banana peels, to left over salad, to coffee grinds and left over tea bags. Keep in mind they don’t like spicy items, onions, and salad dressing (although a little salad dressing from left overs is fine).

After about 90 days in an average sized bin you’ll have some of the best compost you’ve ever seen. Add it to your indoor potted plants, your flowers, or you backyard garden and watch you plants take off.

Red Wiggles also make great fishing bait. They are a bit smaller then typical earth worm bait worms, but can be great for Trout fishing. Don’t worry that you are cutting into your population of compost creators because they tend to reproduce at a feverish pace. When conditions are right (temperature, space, and food supply) you find that they’ll double in number every 90 days or so. They like to be between 50 and 90 degrees¬†Fahrenheit. Don’t worry that you’ll run out of room in your bin either. They’ll tend to reproduce based on the the room they have available. As they start to run out of room and/or roof they’ll start to slow their reproduction.

So get a wormery set up and get your Red Wiggles going. You’ll be happy, your Red Wiggles will be happy, your plants will be happy, and your family will be happy. Enjoy!