Now I Got Some Worm Tea

In case you didn’t know why you need to put a container of some kind under you homemade worm compost bin (and make sure to drill some holes in the bottom of course), it’s because after some time of activity you are going to start getting some liquid. It’ll take months usually before you see any but once you do it’ll seep out quicker and quicker. I’ve had bins in the past which over flowed the catch basin..yikes. Luckily it was in my basement so it wasn’t that big a deal. I now keep my bin right next to you sump pump hole, so if there was another over flow it would drain in and get pumped out anyway.

So this brownish blackish liquid is what I call worm tea. My best understanding is that is a combination of worm pee, some juices from the fruits and vegetables that you add as food, and the nutrients that get picks up from this liquid running over their castings (worm poop).

The best thing about this worm tea is that is makes from some of the best fertilizer that you’ll ever use! It has more beneficial nutrients for your plants then the chemical based fertilizers you can buy. Not only that but it’s all natural and organic compost tea. So you can add as much or as little to you plants (either indoor or outdoor) and not worry about burning them out. The more the better. I’ve used it in the past on some bean plants that I had growing on my porch. They really seemed to take off shortly after I poured some of this black gold in the soil right around the plants. The trick was that I added the worm tea to all the bean plants I had. So I can’t be sure how much of the growth would have happened anyway, and how much was from the fertilizer. I am confident they did much better because of the worm tea, but I’m through to be objective here.

So my sons want to do a smallish box garden in the back yard this year. It’s now June 18th, so we are running a little behind, but not terrible. Their last day of school is tomorrow, so I’m hoping we can find some time one night this week or maybe this weekend. Whenever we do finally get the plants in, our plan is to add some of the compost from the bin as well as some worm tea to some of the plants, but not all. We’re going to try to be a bit scientific about it, and see if we can really quantify the results of using this great natural fertilizer!

Here is a picture of the compost tea that I have so far. It is starting to fill up. Like I say it can really start to sneak up, so I’d really like to get a garden going by this weekend and empty the container so I don’t have any issues.

organic compost tea

We are in the worm tea business 🙂