More Easter Egg Shells for the Worms

About a week ago we started putting Easter egg shells in the worm bin. You can always put in broken egg shells (the more broken up the better), but the question was what effect the Easter Egg shells would have. My thought was it’s just vinegar and some food coloring, so I didn’t think it would be anything that would hurt the worms, or be something they didn’t want to eat.

I’m happy to report the worms are still doing well so the color egg shells didn’t seems to bother them. They are still in there but they don’t seem to be specifically avoiding them or anything like that.

Speaking of that it’s funny. It’s hard to tell what the worms actually like and don’t like and how much they actually eat. It’s not like you ever see a worm taking a big bite out of a banana peel the way you’d see a fat guy take a bite out of a chicken wing! I’m kind of thinking out loud here, but I think I may set up a really small bin with just a few worms and just a small amount of food. I want to really see how much these worms eat, and how quickly. Stay tuned, that sounds like a really good project for the near future.

The point at the moment though is that we had about 8-10 Easter eggs left and really it’s been a while now since we boiled them. Sure, we’ve kept them in the refrigerator but still, sometimes you just gotta give it up 🙂

So I figured rather then throw the whole thing out, I’d break off the shells and crunch them up for the worms, so at least some good can come from them. I did throw away the eggs, but I at least kept the egg carton for planting seeds in the near future for the garden.

Take a look at the picture below of the shells I saved for the worms after they were good and crunched up (pulverized) and ready to be dropped into the bin. Enjoy worms….

Easter Egg Shells Ready for the Worm Bin