Let’s See What The Red Wigglers Do To This Avacado

This afternoon I was looking through the little fruit basket on our kitchen counter. Recently we have been keeping the fruit in the plastic bags from the store (yes using the plastic bags in the first place isn’t the greenest thing we do). I’m not sure this is true but I guess we are thinking this will keep the fruit fresher. Also, we may be to lazy to take it out of the bag to put in this bowl, 🙂


The downside to this new practice is the bad kind of obscure what is actually in the bowl. Not only what is in each bag, but the bags themselves cover stuff that is in the bottom of the bowl. Then we run to the store and get more fruit and put it on top. Sometimes the stuff on the bottom never gets notices and gets covered up for weeks with no attention.


That was the case today with a sad forgotten avocado. Just think, this poor avocado grew up in some other part of the country or around the globe for that matter. Then it was picked and took a series of trucks and ships to get to my local grocery store. Then my wife picked it out for purchase and put it in her cart. It got rung up and put in a bag, which one my my sons likely banged against their leg, the ground, and the side of the van before it was finally shown some mercy and plopped in our fruit bowl in the kitchen. Only to be totally forgotten and buried for a couple weeks under he weight of the more popular apples and pears.


Well as you might imagine it was in rough shape when I finally noticed it today. The funny thing which you’ll notice in the picture below is that it had a sticker on it labeling it as “Ripe”. I’m sure at some point in its life that was true, but it should be politely labeled “Over Ripe” and more realistically “Rotten” at this juncture in it’s life cycle.


I was going to just throw it away, but then the bin of red wigglers popped into my head and I decided to not let this avocado give it’s life in vain.  So I took it down and added it to the red wiggler wormery downstairs.

red wigglers eating avacado

Ripe is a bit of an understatement here!

You may or may not be able to tell from the picture that I really tried to prop it up in the air a bit. Well not really in the air but on top of everything. I didn’t want to just stick it down in the compost because then it would be much harder to see what the red wiggler worms were doing to it. So it’s sitting on top of a small mountain of other items that I’ve put in the bin.


I’m going to try to make a point to take a picture once a day to get a kind of time lapse idea of what goes on with this sad avacado. I’ve done something similar in the past with a peach. Put it was an eaten peach with just a little meat left on it, but the worms really attacked it. Let’s home these red wigglers love avocado as much as they love peaches and it should make for an interesting show!