Fresh Food for the Red Wigglers

So summer has gotten busy and I’ve been a little neglectful of my worms. The good news is that worms make a great pet that way. They really don’t need that much attention. It’s nice to feed them a little bit each day, but if there is food in the bin they can go a week or better without adding food. And other then adding food they really don’t need much attention. What could be easier right?

So they had worked through all the juicer pulp that I had been adding (we’ve also gotten a little lazy with juicing as well :). They have left some of the best compost I’ve ever seen. I’m soon going to do some testing with growing some plants in the compost and regular soil to see if how much it really helps.

But at the moment I don’t have time to put that together and the worms need to eat. Luckily we were all home for dinner tonight and we make some fruit and vegetable waste that will go in the bin. I had thought about running it through the juicer just to make the pulp and easy for the worms to eat, but then I figured they could use something to do, so I’d make them earn their dinner, lol.

So what do worms eat and drink, you might ask? Really anything that is plant based. Anything that we buy from the produce section at the grocery store and we are going through out I typically will just put in the bin for the worms to eat. When we are juicing quite a bit I’ll always put the leftover juicer pulp in there, unless there is all ready plenty of food in there for them to eat.

Tonight I opted for what we had. Some leftover watermelon rinds, and avocado peel, banana peels, and some left over coffee grinds and filter. Delicious right? lol. It is if you are a worm….

what do worms eat and drink

Dinner Is Served!