First Real Seed Growth in Soil Test

So for a couple days now I’ve been speculating that the first growth in my soil test (worm compost vs. backyard soil vs. store bought soil) was in the back yard soil. However, I’m about 99% positive that that first growth that was seen was actually a weed which was all ready established in the soil of my backyard.

I was starting to get a little depressed though as it’s been more then a week now since my son and I planted the basil seeds in the test pots and I hadn’t seen anything else grow. Well today I came home from work and I finally see something…

seeds growing in worm compost

You have to look close but that is the first basil seed growth

I’m a little depressed to say that the first signs of actual basil seed growth was in the store bought soil. It’s still early in this test and being the first to poke above soil doesn’t mean everything, but at the moment I have to admit that the store bought soil is in the lead. In fairness, it is possible that that specific seed was planted slightly less deep in the soil. Maybe there are quite a few seeds that are working on sprouting up and are just barely below the soil because me or Carter happened to push them down slightly more when we planted them.

The real test will be once we can see them above the soil how quickly do they grow where we can observe them. Also how full do the plants get and how healthy do they look. And hopefully we can do some taste testing as well and notice a difference. That to me is the real tests, and most interesting. But for now the store bought soil is out to an early lead.

Let’s hope in the morning or at least by tomorrow after I get home from work that there are a bunch of sprouting coming up in all of the pots in all the places where we planted them.