Finally Basil Seed Growth In All Three Pots

Well it’s been a little better then two full weeks but I think I finally have some actual growth in all three pots for the soil test now. The first was the store bought soil, and a few days ago we finally got some in the worm compost. Shortly after I planted the seeds I thought we had growth in the backyard soil but it turned out to be a weed. This new growth that I can just start to see in the backyard soil appears to be an actual basil plant though. Assuming it is, we are officially off to the races now, as all three soil types have some growth.

earthworm composting test

Finally some actual green growth from a basil seed

No I’m not totally sure what that white bit is at the top of the picture, but it showed up in the backyard soil pot today. I do have a pretty good guess though. It looks like a piece of weather stripping from the window that these pots are sitting in front of. I haven’t been opening this window that much since I started this soil test because it’s been cooling of with the change of season. To me that seems like two youngsters under the age of 8 in my house (Connor and Carter) had a little something to do with it 🙂

So let the best soil win. For the moment the store bought soil is in the lead. There are three small plants in that pot which emerged first. Second is the worm compost pot which emerged second and have slightly smaller plants. And pulling up the rear is the backyard soil which has just a spec of green which showed up today.

seed growing test

Growth in all three pots