Avocado vs. Red Wigglers, Day 7

OK so now it has been a full week and still the red wigglers don’t seem to really be paying this poor avocado enough attention. I mean here it is dead and rotting and just begging to be eaten up, but still I don’t see much action. I mean there have certainly been some changes to the avocado over the week but most of them are due to the rotting process and it doesn’t appear to have much to do with the worms.

Take a look at the difference between day 1 and now day 7…

red wigglers eating avacado

Ripe is a bit of an understatement here!

earthworms and what they eat

Lots of rotting, not much eating…

The big things I notice are the brown spots that bloomed all over the surface as well as some of the white mold which I’ve been calling Santa’s beard. Past that I guess there isn’t really a whole lot to see. I’m still baffled as to whether these worms are just picky eaters or if there is something more going on. I’m actually heading out of town tomorrow for about a week. When I get back I’ll check the avocado again and see what’s doing? If it still looks like the worms aren’t really showing and interest I’m going to add and apple to the bin. If they really go after the apple and not the avocado that will be pretty showing.