Avocado vs. Red Wigglers Day 5 and 6

Ok so I got busy and missed the picture of the avocado on day 4. However I did make sure to snap a picture on day 5 and again today on day 6. As it turns out there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot to see. Most of the changes so far have more to do with the avocado rotting and less to do with the worms eating it. I really thought he red wigglers would have ravaged the avocado by now, but there really isn’t much to see on that front.


I mean I guess even just seeing the different stages of rotting is plenty to see but why are the worms not seeming to be interested? It is possible that they entered the avocado from the bottom and I just can’t see, but I don’ think so. I could just pick it up and check but I’m really trying not to touch it at all to let it run it’s natural course. So for now I guess we’ll just see the natural stages of rotting. Even Santa’s beard looks less like a beard now and more like a white stain on a rotten avocado, lol.

red wigglers vs avocado

Day 5

earthworms vs. avocado

Day 6

As you can see while it certainly looked rotten it doesn’t really seem to be changing all that much from day to day. Not I’m not really sure if they don’t like avocados or if they don’t like rotten food, neither of which I would have though would have been an issue for a couple thousand red wiggler worms.


For now I’ll keep going with teh avocado since the observation in all ready in motion. If nothing really seems to come from it then I’ll try the same thing with a fresh apple (it’s apple picking season here in the Northeast so I’ve got no lack of apples :). If they really get after the apple then I guess it’ll be fair to assume they like apples and not avocado. I’ll know I have picky worms…who knew 🙂