Avocado vs. Red Wigglers, Day 3

So now we are onto day three of the avocado demonstration in the red wiggler worm bin. I was kind of hoping to open the bin tonight and be really impressed by what awesomely crazy things had been done to the avocado by the worms. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. I mean there has been some aging but nothing jaw dropping yet. Probably another day or two I guess. I’ll be really impressed when I can see the avocado pit!


For today though I can see that there is a tuft or two of that white fizzy kind of mold coming out of the side of the avocado. It kinda looks like a Mall Santa sat down next to the avocado for a rest and took of his beard, then forgot to put it back on. Also there is a pretty good sized dent in it now, which I’m taking to mean that it’s kind of collapsing in on itself.

Red Wigglers vs avocado Day 3

Can you see Santa's beard?

I was just thinking about the time I put the mostly eaten peach in the bin. They really seemed to devour it! While I’m thinking this avocado is getting some attention it’s nothing like the peach. So I’m wondering if red wigglers just really like peaches? Or if they don’t like avocados? I suppose its possible that maybe when I put the peach in the bin there had been much less in there to eat so they were just hungrier? Or possibly the skin of an avocado is so much tougher then that of the peach that they are having trouble gaining access?


I suppose the peach was fresher too. I mean I had just eaten that peach so it was still good. The meat that was left on the pit was fresh and juicy. This avocado had clearly gone bad which is why I put it in the bin and started this little worm demonstration. Is it possible that the worms are picky and only like fresh produce?


Either way I guess we’ll find out as time goes by to see if they really get into this avocado or not. Even if they don’t the cool looking mold that will grow on it will impress!