Avocado vs. Red Wigglers, Day 2

So yesterday I found an avocado that was well past ripe in our kitchen. Instead of throwing it away I decided it would be interesting to see what would happen to it after it spent a little quality time in my red wiggler wormery.


I mean I don’t really question whether or not the worms are going to eat it. I’m sure in the end it’ll be eaten up and all that will be left is the pit and maybe some of the skin (avocados have a relatively thick skin). What I think will be more interesting is to see the process happen.


So I put it in a very conspicuous place right in the middle of the worm bin right on the very top of everything. This way it’ll be easy to see what is going on. I won’t touch it at all in the process and I’ll try not to touch anything else in the bin for that matter. Each day I’ll open the lid and snap a picture. In the end I’ll have a daily picture journal of how it all went.  Like I say, I just think it’ll be interesting to actually see it happen.

earthworms vs avocado

Day 2

So after 24 hours it doesn’t too too much different then yesterday. It does look like it has settled into the pile of food that it was sitting up higher on yesterday. Also I notice more rotten spots on the skin of the avocado. I don’t think that it has rotten spots because of the worms but they are there none the less. Could be because its dark in there, or maybe there are more bacteria or whatever in the bin then my kitchen, so it’s rotting even faster.


It’s a little too soon and too hard to say at the moment if the worms are attacking it from the bottom. My guess is that they are, but without actually picking it up or rolling it over I couldn’t see any specific signs that would confirm it for me. I’m guessing another day or two and there should be some obvious proof that the worms are going to have their way with this avocado.