Avocado vs Red Wigglers, Day 14

So I’ve been conducting a little test recently to see how quickly and what it would look like to see my red wiggler worms attack an avocado that was getting past ripe and was going to have to be thrown away. I really expected the red wigglers to just go crazy on this avocado and day to day see really big differences. That is what happened months ago when I added a partially eaten peach, so I thought it would be true this time too.


The thing is they really are paying my avocado very little attention at all. In the first week is seemed that if they were even touching it, it must have been slightly. Then I went out of town for a bit and today when I opened the lid I was hoping to see that they really got into it and only the pit was left. Once again I was disappointed though. I really don’t think they have even given it a bit of attention!

earthworms eating an avocado

It's becoming a science project!

The saving grace here is I still think it’s kind of interesting to see what happens when an avocado rots, even if my original intention was to see what it looks like to see an avocado eaten.


So I’ll continue to take pictures and update them here on the blog. When it’s run it’s course I’ll probably do a new post with all the days pictures so you can see the progress all in one place just by scrolling down.

My next step is going to be to add an apple to the bin. A fresh one I think. And see if the worms get after it. I just can’t tell if they didn’t like it because they don’t like avocado or if they don’t like it because it was all ready starting to rot. But they are worms, I feel like the rotting aspect isn’t really going to effect them too much.