A Look Under The Worm Bin At The Compost Tea

As you might all ready know, every worm bin needs some way to catch the liquid, which I call compost tea, that collects and works it’s way to the bottom of the bin. If you don’t have a way for this liquid to drain out it’ll collect in the bin and eventually you compost will be underwater and the worms will drown or get out of the bin to escape.


For my bin I just drilled many small holes in the bottom of the plastic container. Then I put and upside down lid to another plastic container under it. About mid summer the compost tea was really collecting in that bin. I really though I was going to have to hurry and get it out of there (which I really don’t mind because it makes really great fertilizer). But I noticed the tea was starting to level off in the collection lid, so I let it go. It actually started to recede a bit. I think it was during a time I was putting in less food and therefore less liquid was getting created. I think it was receding though basically because it was evaporating.


Anyway, I just happened to be curious tonight to see what it looked like under my bin, as I really haven’t looked since shortly after I set up the bin, almost a year ago. So I moved the bin off the collection lid tonight and here is what I saw.

Collection Lid

Look at all the fertilizer gold!

If you look close at the “shallow end” you can tell that it indeed has been evaporating as it’s starting to crackle up. I’m still going to get it in the garden this spring to help the plants really take off. That is if I don’t have to use it for my little soil test I have going with worm compost vs store bought soil.


There actually was what looked like some soil mixed in with the tea as well. I basically was some grains of the worm castings or compost that had gotten through the holes. It must have either fallen through, or was brought down by a few escaping worms. That’s the first time I’ve seen that before, but this is the first time I’ve let a lid sit without emptying it for almost a year.


Also make sure to wipe up any spilled worm tea before it drys. I once had a lid overflow and it sat for a while before I noticed it. It ended up staining the concrete floor of my basement. These few drips wiped right up though because I got them while they were still wet.

drops of compost tea

Just a few drops. I wiped them up and put the paper towel in the bin for compost